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Silverback Apparel - Stay Dry and Cool with our Sweat Proof Undershirts
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About Silverback Apparel

Silverback Apparel launched in 2008 with the goal of bringing performance as well as style to men’s fashion. Our clothes are designed to look great and work under pressure, reducing perspiration and increasing the confidence of our customers.

A core principle of Silverback involves sensitivity to the environment. We never use pesticides or chemicals in our production process, and our clothes are made from fabric that contains bacteria fighters like bamboo and silver.

One key to protecting the environment is making sure we also take care of our neighbors. Silverback Apparel is committed to working with business partners in Canada and the U.S., where green technology is abundant and so are the skills necessary to get the most out of it. Our business operations are located in Toronto while our production centers are in various locations in the United States.

By employing the best labor force available we are also ensuring our customers receive the kind of superior product they expect from designer clothing.

Silverback’s initial product lines were the Bamboo and X-Static men’s undershirts. Made from the most sustainable resource on the planet, the Bamboo product line immediately made Silverback an environmentally friendly player on the men’s fashion scene. With 4% pure silver, the X-Static undershirts positioned Silverback at the forefront of manufacturers adopting textile technology. In addition, Silverback’s Deep-V Neck design — which prevents undershirts from being seen in public — showcased the company’s talent for producing attractive products that make sense for the contemporary male wardrobe.