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All of Silverback's products are manufactured with careful thought to limiting our carbon footprint. We never use pesticides or chemicals in our production process. Plus, our Bamboo undershirts are made from the most sustainable resource on the planet and our X-Static product line contains pure silver, considered the leading antimicrobial agent.
Most consumers do not know how polluted our clothes can be. Cotton products, for example, are saturated with chemicals. According to consumer advocacy groups, 25% of the pesticides and herbicides sprayed on crops in the world are deployed over cotton fields. The poisonous substances found in the chemical sprays victimize the workers who toil in those fields. With few advocates for their well being, the cotton workers and the planet as a whole will continue to face severe risks unless corporations change their ways.
Silverback endeavors to be at the forefront of this initiative through its eco-sensitive manufacturing program and use of alternative fibers that offer higher quality and more green benefits than other shirts.